The Nozzle Talker

The Nozzle Talker, created and patented by M&M in 1989, is by far, the most effective signage element at the convenience store gas-island...why...because it literally puts an advertised message right in the customer's hand.

The contoured vinyl nozzle cover, easily slips over the industrial looking dispenser to create a customer friendly nozzle presentation. The covers are available in a variety of colors for branding identification.

The original Nozzle Talker covers hold either a 3" square or 3" X 4" horse-shoe shaped plastic sign/message. A clear plastic cap secures the message to the nozzle cover. The cap can be removed when changing or adding a new message.

In 2016, M&M introduced a new cover, the Nozzle Talker Prime, specifically designed for permanent branding and corporate identification. ExxonMobil's "Synergy" fuel technology is identified on each of their gasoline dispensers by a Nozzle Talker Prime cover.

Metal Sign Frames

Our patented all aluminum extruded frames are designed for changeable signage applications typically used in curb signs, wall and window signs, pole signs, exterior banner holders and as interior free standing sign holders.

The spring action 2 part frame, easily “snaps” open or close to hold or release your replacement sign. The frame surface receives a durable powder coated finish in ​your​ choice of standard or custom colors.

Our round or square edge frame profiles come in a variety of standard sizes or custom fitted for your specific application. The reinforced extruded profiles are extremely durable​,​ perfect in ​both​
exterior and interior signage environments.