Case Studies

ExxonMobil Nozzle Covers

M&M has been a key vendor-partner for ExxonMobil for over 30 years, producing much of the metal signage you will find on and around the gasoline island.. In 2016 their Retail Fuels Marketing Group launched a new fuel technology called SYNERGY and reached out to M&M for branding ideas. M&M designed a sleek nozzle cover with the embedded SYNERGY logo, ExxonMobil blue for gasoline nozzles and graphite for Diesel. Coincidentally, our new nozzle cover design stems from our successful Nozzle Talker program we developed originally for Mobil Oil in 1995. The original Nozzle Talker focused on changeable 3” X 3” advertising messages, on the nozzle cover.

The SYNERGY message needed to be permanent not removable and shaped to complement the SYNERGY logo. Our designers and mold maker developed a new sleek shape that fits over a very industrial looking gas nozzle to create a surprisingly appealing presentation at the gasoline dispensing station. Following a successful prototyping phase, the program was a GO!  In a little under 8 weeks M&M manufactured 125,000 nozzle covers that shipped to over 14,000 location in US and Canada.

The new permanent message cover is now available to all oil companies as a featured way to emphasis their brand or corporate message. We call the newly patented cover, Nozzle Talker PRIME available exclusively through M&M.

PA Lottery

M&M has built a strong marketing collaboration over the past 15 years with the in-house agency which manages the Pennsylvania State Lottery.  M&M is a reliable source of innovative signage ideas on effective ways to brand lottery games. When retailers required the lottery to install self-serve ticket vending kiosks in order to free up cashiers time processing lottery ticket sales, a looming question surfaced. How do we educate the consumer to buy lottery tickets unassisted from a machine?

M&M was charged with developing a step by step signage program, directing the consumer to the new, fast and efficient ticket terminal. We collaborated with the lottery sales and marketing team, their field reps, the terminal manufacturer and retailers to review our ideas and gain a consensus. This would be an active ongoing signage program featuring new games and seasonal promotions. We included signage on the street, at the gas island, the store entrance and the terminal area.  We designed permanent and changeable signage elements, promotional and branded messaging, selected signage materials and signage positioning and layout.

Outside signage elements consisted of curb signs, pole wraps, motion lawn signs, gasoline island pump toppers and bollard signage wraps.  Nozzle Talkers put the lottery game information literally in the customer’s hand and 2 way door entrance/exit signs welcome you.

Once inside, the large overhead locator sign directs you to the terminal. Headliner signage on the terminal features key game information.

Armed with this extensive branding package, C-store retailers now become the neighborhood go-to lottery center. This new signage package became a time saving win for the retailers and big financial win resulting in higher store average ticket sales, for the lottery. M&M continues to service the over 8000 lottery locations in Pennsylvania.

The Tapco Group’s Clubhouse Decking Display

“Clubhouse” decking is a premium outdoor decking composite panel, manufactured by the Tapco Group, an international producer of residential building materials. In 2016 Tapco introduced a new decking panel and commissioned M&M to design and build  a retail display that highlighted the two unique product advancements, exclusive to the Clubhouse product line.. Number one – this new composite panel featured the most consistent heat bending properties of any decking product available in the industry. Number two – each panel has two architecturally compatible color finishes on opposite surfaces. This unique two-sided finishing technique allows customers to accent their deck design by simply flipping the panel.

Given the challenge, our design team created a free standing metal display with a tubular steel substructure covered with digitally printed 4MM sintra graphic panels. The display housed the four 60” long decking panel finishes, two self-serve product sample dispensers, a literature holder and the displays keynote design element, a 180 degree heat bent decking panel which formed the header for the display.

A prototype was constructed for introduction at the International Builders Show. The reaction and feedback from dealers and distributors was overwhelmingly positive. They reacted to the uniqueness and product clarity the display presented and they loved the manageable footprint of the display. In 2017 the display became available to over 500 distributors and dealers in the US.